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✅ The full YAA training program that takes you through all the rules and exercises that have been helped hundreds students to speak purely

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✅ Clear tables, PDF files and flashcards in the every lesson, so you’ll understand all the logic behind the various constructions and start to speak without any accent

✅ 200+ media flashcards with Spaced Repetition System. This proven method helps you to put everything you learn to the long-term memory

✅ The flashcards have accents marks, pronunciation and  detailed explanation

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✅ BONUS:  495 flashcards with the most common verbs, nouns and adjectives in context. You’ll know not only the meaning. but also HOW to use the words

✅ BONUS: The amazing 50 Russian videos with double subtitles that will help you to learn casual phrases and to be much closer to Russians

✅ BONUS: The 50 full-blown video lessons about pronunciation and how to get rid of your accent, you’ll understand how to pronounce every Russian sound properly and how to sound natural at all